Friday, February 8, 2013

Short and Sweet

Friday has finally arrived!! I am overly excited by this, it has been a crazy week. So with that said this week's blog post will be very short and sweet.

The new extra credit challenge is to knit either an Alien or Monster, they can be any shape, size and/or color. The challenge is to knit and have fun with it.
We also wanted to encourage everyone to keep knitting away on their socks and/or legwarmers. We are so excited to see what everyone comes up with for February's Knitters WALK on the Moon challenge!

On another note the month of February is supposed to be about love, so we quickly wanted to address something that is near and dear to our hearts. For those of us that participate on the Ravelry website we need to remain a friendly and inviting community. Knitters, crocheters and crafters alike are a wonderful group of people who have created a community all their own, a community that has on numerous occasions done some amazing things for others. However sadly sometimes within this community we can be mean and hurtful. We have the right to disagree and not have the same views, but we do not have the right to be cruel. Let's take a moment and put ourselves in someone else's shoes, redirect our feelings in a positive direction and remember that words are our most powerful tool. Let's use them to breathe life. We are sorry if we seem soap boxy, we don't mean to offend or put anyone off, we are just noticing things that we feel could also be upsetting to others and wanted to express our feelings on the matter.
On a more positive note we are loving the Valentines going out, yay for more LOVE in our mailboxes. We also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has sent hats for the Halos of Hope foundation. The children in their program will greatly appreciate them. We are grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends, you all rock!

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all back here next Friday :)

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