Sunday, March 2, 2014

A new website for Oh! Loops

Hey guys we just wanted to let you know that we now have a new website for our podcasts and announcements. So from this point on you can find us at

Thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fiber by Design with Oh! Loops, Episode 6~ Bags and Bags and Bags, Oh My!

Join us this week as we chat about our wonderful new project bags. Our Ravellenics knitting and Sarah's new obsession with fiber.

Show notes:

Finished Fibers


Dragonflies in the Fall

Voodoo You Love Me Valentine

Monster Valentine for Noah


Vanilla Strawberry Shortcake socks

Working Fibers


When Elements Combine~ Vanadium Cardigan


Patchwork Memories blanket

Spinning Adventures

Sarah shows her progress and the awesome impromptu bobbin she created


All of our wonderful bags came from the Lipsyncing Ladybug on Etsy

Sarah's fiber came from Spunky Eclectic

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fiber by Design with Oh! Loops, Episode 5~ Gettin Techy with It

Join us this week as we discuss our new podcast location, issues with iTunes and the Oh! Loops dyeing process.

Show notes:

There aren't any Finished Fibers this week :(

Working Fibers:


Dragonflies in the Fall~ Dragonflies Hat


Vanilla Strawberry Shortcake socks


My wonderful cousin Jacki opened her shop on Etsy, Lipsyncing Ladybug

Shop Talk:

This week we give you a few sneak peaks at some of our "A Night at the Met" collection skeins and also a few semi solids from the Disney Magic collection.

As reminder the "Lights, Camera, Action a Designer Along" KAL will be starting in March with skeins being released on Tuesday March 4th


The "Side Kick" KAL will start May 1st with skeins being released on Tuesday April 15th.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Fiber by Design with Oh! Loops, Episode 4~ The Dog ate my Sweater

This week we chat about our fun knitting for the Olympics and sadness that is Sarah's dog eaten sweater!

Show notes~

Finished Fibers~


Sweet Linen and Valentine Heart Mitts, Half Linen Cozies & Heart Patch

Broken Stirrups, Stirrup Socks

Ski School Intersections Break, Intersections Break

Working Fibers~

Cool Your Steamy Punk off with Some Frozen Lemonade, Pattern coming soon

Warm Patchwork Memories, Knitted Patchwork Recipe

When Elements Combine, Vanadium


Scrappy Sheep Socks,
Short Sheep Socks Ewe

Vanilla Strawberry Shortcake Socks, (not following a pattern)

Scrappy Knitted Patchwork, (see pattern link above)

Subtle Citrus and the Free SpiritFree Spirit

Sarah's Aproned Tank, Aproned Tank

Planning Fibers~ Sarah and I decided it would be fun to challenge ourselves during the Olympics. We weren't able to join or start a team for the Ravellenics, but we wanted to participate in the fun knitting that is happening. We each gave ourselves a goal of finishing five things, because there are five rings in the Olympics logo. Here are our goals.  


Valentines Voodoo,
Voodoo You Love Me 

Valentines Stash Busting Monster, Stash Busting Monster

1 Rock your Electric Shock Sock, Electric Shock

Glamorous Pink Feather Boa shawl, Zaria

Skiing with Dragonflies, Dragonflies Hat


Finish second Vanilla Strawberry Shortcake Socks

Finish Subtle Citrus and Free Spirit Shawl

Dragonflies Hat (see pattern link above)

Mini Skein Hand Warmers, Colorblock Handwarmers

Scrappy Sheep Socks (see pattern link above)



Malabrigo Rios in the Piedras colourway.


Madelinetosh DK in the Jade colourway

We also chatted about Jacki's Etsy shop that will be opening soon. Once it has we will add a link to her store!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fiber by Design with Oh! Loops Episode 3~ Must Knit Everything

This week we chat about all the things we MUST knit!

Show notes~

Finished Fibers~


Lilly's Lady Bug Spiral Blanket of Awesome, Spiral Blanket of Awesome


Stirrup Socks, Stirrup Socks

Chickadee Cowl,  Chickadee Cowl

Roaches on a Plane only in Washington, Socks on a Plane

Working Fibers~




Aproned Tank,  Aproned Tank

Subtle Citrus and the Free Spirit, Free Spirit

Vanilla Strawberry Shortcake Socks, not following a pattern

Planning Fibers~


When Elements Combine,  Vanadium

Sweet Linen and Valentine Heart Mitts, Half Linen Cozies (not the pattern I discussed in the video, the original pattern had technical issues)


Ski School Monster DNA, Monster DNA


Bar-Maids Lolo Bar, Bar-Maids

KAL's Sarah and I are participating in~

Fingering weight February with the A Homespun House Podcast group

Nerd Along with Emily from Knitting Butterflies group

Ski School with A Grand Yarn

Shop Talk~

The Fire and Ice collection will be available in our Etsy shop on Tuesday February 4th.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fiber by Design with Oh! Loops~ Episode 2, Attack of the Cyber Bully

Today we talk teeth, tattoos and the attack of the cyber bully. Oh and there is a little knitting too!

Show notes:

Finished Fibers~


School Pride hat, Football Widow


Gnome is Where the Heart is Heart, Gnome is Where the Heart is

Scrappy Spiral Blanket of Awesome, Spiral Blanket of Awesome (a-tutorial)

Working Fibers~


Lilly's Ladybug Spiral Blanket of Awesome, see pattern link above

Cool Your Steamypunk off with some Frozen Lemonade, pattern coming soon


Valentines Vanilla Socks, not following a pattern

Gavin Serina Cardigan, Serina Cardigan

Shop Talk~

Fire and Ice collection will go live in the Oh! Loops shop on etsy Tuesday February 4th

Football Stripes in honor of the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl will go up in the Oh! Loops shop today, Monday January 27th.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fiber by Design: Episode 1 A New Beginning, A New Adventure!

Fiber by Design: Episode 1 A New Beginning, A New Adventure! 

First and foremost we want to apologize to everyone that stuck around for the shop update. We were having some technical difficulties and somehow that portion of the video made it's way to cyber space and just never came back :( It will be included in the next episode. 

Wonderful shop goodies for the Harry Potter Prize packages:

The Cozy Leaf

Geeky Little Things

Wool Work For Yarn

Sew Bee Creations

Beautiful Show

Custom Vinyl Prints

Finished Fibers:


Black Bird on the Linen Mitts~ Half-linen-cozies


Sea Salt for Me~ Corvinus-family-mitts

Steamy Punk Around my Neck~ Pattern coming soon

Working Fibers:


Glamorous Pink Feather Boa~ Zaria

Rock the Electric Shock Socks~ Pattern coming soon

Quileute Shape Shifters Scarf~ Waverley-scarf

Cool Your Steamy Punk with Some Frozen Lemonade~ Pattern coming soon


Gavin Serina Cardigan~ Serina-cardigan

Roaches on a Plane only in Washington~ Socks-on-a-Plane

School's Out for Vanessa~ School's Out

Chickadee Cowl~ Chickadee Cowl

Scrappy Spiral Blanket of Awesome~ Spiral Blanket of Awesome a Tutorial

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Posts coming soon!

It has been a long time since we last posted.  We are excited to say that we will start posting again very soon!