Thursday, April 25, 2013

Houston It's Good to be Home

Well Oh! Loopers, can you believe we are only six days away from the end of our "Out of this World" KAL!!!??? I'm so excited to see all the wonderful finished projects but sad to be done. Guess it's time to start planning the next one haha!!!

We know that many of you are still knitting away but don't worry you will have until midnight PST on April 30th to complete your project and have it uploaded to the FO thread on Ravelry. Please don't forget that for this challenge you must also include the information about which colourway from Oh! Loops you used in the project notes.

While on the topic of the knit along it's time to announce the final extra credit challenge. For this week we want you to tell us why you decided to participate in the KAL, what your favorite part/challenge was and if you would participate in another KAL with Oh! Loops. Once you have answered these questions please add them to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Okay guys now we have a few announcements for you. First starting in May we will be moving our blog updates to Wednesday's. Friday can sometimes be a little hectic for both Sarah and I so the switch just make sense since its a less crazy day.

We would also like to announce that we have decided to release a collection every Monday in May. We are so excited for you guys to see all the fun colourways coming to the shop next month. May's skein will all have a similar theme.

We also wanted to remind everyone that you have until May 25th to vote for the Socks Anonymous colors that you would like to see, and you will have until that same day to purchase a subscription for the club if you wish to do so. Subscriptions for the Yarnie AA club will remain open until May 31st. The colors for the next three months are as follows, Jun/Jul/Aug~ skeins will include some combination of, Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, Black, and Green. Not all three skeins will include all the colors. Please note that for the summer months we have limited the yarn bases. For the light house group you can request the Platinum or the 100% Merino HT base and for the heavy house we are only offering it on the worsted base. This change will only affect the summer club skeins and we will add the other bases back in September. Spots are filling up for both clubs so if you want to join don't wait to long. We have lots of fun little club extras planned for both clubs this summer.

Well that is pretty much it for this week guys but before I say goodbye I wanted to give everyone a little sneak peak of the mini collection that is going up on Monday.

So without further ado may we introduce the "This Child" collection, it was inspired by the Monday's Child poem. What day were you born?????

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will see you back here next Wednesday.

P.S. if you are confused by the title it was what astronaut Jim Lovell said to the mission control commander in Houston when Apollo 13 came safely home. It was my way of adding a silly spacey reference to the end of our KAL lol!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Prizes oh the Prizes!!!!

Good afternoon Oh! Loopers,

Let's just jump right in. We are almost done with week three of final challenge for the "Out of this World" KAL. Are you guys getting excited to find out who the winner will be?????!!!!!! We are and on the topic of winning we wanted to show you all what you are playing for.

One lucky member from the Oh! Loops group and one lucky member from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast group will win all this and more!!!!

One of the "Out of this World" colourways from Oh! Loops (only one skein)

A Drawstring project bag and matching notions bag from the fabulous Silver Pumpkin shop (the winner from Down Cellar Studios will receive only the project bag not a matching notions pouch :( sorry guys)
and all these fun accessories: one set of stich markers made by Lydia's cousin Jacki, a custom Out of this World KAL button from the fabulous Tangerine 8 Designs shop, gift tags, and a custom Out of this World postcard, plus other fun surprises!

Another lucky member who has been participating in the extra credit challenges will win all this and more!!!!

A set of stitch markers made by Lydia's cousin Jacki, a custom Out of this World KAL button from the fabulous Tangerine 8 Designs shop and a custom Out of this World postcard plus other fun goodies

 and a skein of cotton yarn in our Galaxy colourway


We have had such a great time chatting and knitting will you all, the finish line is within reach so keep on knitting!!!!!

While on the topic of the "Out of this World" KAL we wanted to announce the new extra credit challenge. Since this will be the last knitting related extra credit challenge it's a big one. For this week we want you to go yarn bombing!! What does that mean you ask, well you can knit anything you want, however you must then leave it in a public place. For instance knit a coffee cozy and leave it on a cup at Starbucks, or knit a sock and leave it at JC Penny or a book cover and leave it at Barnes and Noble, oh but wait there is more, you must also get a picture of your yarn bombed item!!! The goal is to just have fun with it.

Before we say goodbye we have a few quick reminders. Yarnie AA club members will be receiving their April club skein very soon it is already on its way.

Lastly we want to remind you that our little mini collection will go up in the shop on Monday April 29th.

Thanks guys have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Crazy day!

Oh my goodness Oh! Loopers, it has been a crazy day, hence the extremely late and short blog post.

There aren't very many new things to report this week. Aside from a couple quick reminders. First being for our Yarnie AA club members. We are excited to report that your April club colourway will be shipped out next week!!!! We can't wait for you guys to get them.

Second we are currently on week two of the fourth and final project of the "Out of this World" KAL, so if you are participating in that keep on knitting!!! Next week on the blog update we will include pictures of all the goodies you might win. While on the subject of the KAL, since its Friday we have a new extra credit challenge. For this week in honor of April showers, we want you to tell everyone what your favorite "Rainy Day" activity is (aside from knitting which is a given lol) Please do so in your claimed spot in the extra credit thread on Ravelry.

Lastly we want to remind everyone that our "Yay for April Gray" Part 2~ The Light Side collection will be going up on Monday. The second half of this collection is picture below. Once again for their protection the "SSS" Sarah's Secret Stripes cannot be photographed at this time lol.

Have a great weekend everyone we look forward to chatting again next week.

Friday, April 5, 2013

We need colors!

Good morning Oh! Loopers,

This week's blog post will be short and sweet as there are only a few announcements.

First , "Everything’s coming up Flowers!!" For this week's extra credit challenge we would like you to knit something with flowers or that relates to flowers in some way. For example, you could knit a flower, a pattern with flowers in it or the name of it, or you could knit with yarn named after a flower. Anything counts as long as it relates to flowers somehow. Once your item is complete post a picture to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Our second bit of news is about April's collection. We are so happy that the first half of the Yay for April Gray's collection was so well received. The second half "the light side" will go up in the shop on Monday April 15th. We were going to leave April just with this two part collection, however since there is a fifth Monday in April we have decided to release a special mini collection which will go up in the shop on Monday April 29th. It will be simple and sweet.

Our final announcement pertains to current club members, whether you are a Yarnie AA member or a new Socks Anonymous member. We need your help, and for participating you will win a prize. We would like all club members to suggest three new color combinations for the Socks Anonymous skeins. We need a semi solid, a variegated with contrasting heel toe and a stripey. Please have your suggestions entered in your current club thread, by Monday April 8th. Once all color suggestions have been collected we will create a poll and open it up to the entire Oh! Loops group for voting. The current club member who's suggestions receive the most votes will win. The winning color combinations will become the colors for the first three skeins of the Socks Anonymous club and the member who suggested them will receive their choice of these two prizes.......either 20% off a new Socks Anonymous club subscription or 15% off the renewal of their next Yarnie AA club subscription.

Okay well that covers it for this week. We hope everyone is enjoying the final "Out of this World" KAL challenge. Sarah and I love seeing all the new Oh! Loops projects :) Have a great weekend and we will see you back here next Friday.