Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday, we have LOTS of info and Stuff :) :)

Is it really Friday already? Wow it has been a crazy week here at the Oh! Loops headquarters, and by headquarters we really just mean Sarah’s kitchen and dining room table lol!! We wanted to visit and give you a few updates and yes of course more teaser photos. I know I said one a day for the week but I still have a few more that I love and I think you guys just NEED to see them; or rather I NEED you to see them.

First we wanted you guys to know that we LOVE the comments and wonderful guesses you have all been making. There seems to be a general consensus that the theme is Alice in Wonderland hmmmmm……………I wonder if there is something to that?

Well we aren’t going to tell you what the collection is just yet, but we will tell you that we are so excited for its debut on Monday!! This collection is the one we have been dreaming about and wanting to create since our little Oh! Loops dream became a reality. We hope you love it as much as we do!!
Since we can’t quench your collection curiosity quit yet, we thought we would give you something else to chew on. We have mentioned a few times before that we would be having a Fall Oh! Loops-Along. We originally planned to wait until November, but have since decided to have this run from the middle of October thru the end of November. Yay our first MAL!!! We are so excited.  We will be adding thread on our Ravelry group containing more information, as well as an FO thread.

In addition to our Fall Oh! Loops-Along we are going to have a Magic Yarn Ball swap in December. A thread with information and sign up details will be added later in October.
Now for something that is near and dear to our hearts. Oh! Loops or rather the two crazy ladies behind it, have decided to team up with a local shelter. We are knitting for a good cause; we are knitting to keep people warm. If you would like to team up with us and knit an adult size hat, scarf, or a pair of gloves/mittens that would be wonderful and much appreciated. We have added a thread with more information to our group on Ravelry.

Okay so now that we have unloaded a mass amount of super duper important details and given you lots of things to obsess over, okay so maybe it’s just us obsessing, we will leave you will awesome teaser photo #7. We will announce the winner on Monday in the thread on Ravelry. The winner will then be PM'd with information about their winnings!!!

Whooo Are Youuuuu???






Teaser #6

Oh by the way, if you really want to know...........................he went that way!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Make a Guess any Guess!!

Let's play a little game.......

Want to know what our next collection is? Each day this week we will show you teaser photos, make a guess and you could win a little prize!! Yep that's right we are giving away more prizes, I think we really like doing that lol!!!

You have until midnight PST on September 30th to make your guess. The new collection will make its debut on October 1st.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh! Hiccups!!!!!!!!

“You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it” This statement rang so true for us today!!

Some of you, you know who you are, are already aware that we experienced our first little business hiccup this morning. After logging onto our Ravelry page we noticed there was a message in our inbox. After reading this message from one of our wonderful and generous group members, we realized that a mistake had been made. Somehow things got mixed up in the mail and she received the incorrect skein of yarn this morning!! Horrified we jumped into action and contacted everyone who was sent skeins in the last mailing. The jury is still out on just how bad the mix up is……fingers crossed its minor!!

After the sock and embarrassment settled a little, both Sarah and I noticed however that the situation had a slightly humorous silver lining.

9 months ago I lost my beautiful Mama to Pancreatic Cancer. Today would have been her 63rd birthday. I woke this morning with an overwhelming ache. Her absence seemed more apparent, when faced with the knowledge that there wouldn’t be a cake, or a card or the joy of seeing my Mama smile when she opened my handmade item.  Somehow this little mailing mishap was my Mama’s way of saying “I’m still here sweet face, don’t spend your day being sad, and instead spend it trying to fix your little mistake!!!” I’m sure she is up there looking down on Sarah and I smiling and getting a huge laugh. My Mama was a huge support and believed in this idea that Sarah and I had from the very beginning. She would have been proud of us for following our dream and I think today was her way of showing me that even though she isn’t physically here, her presence can be felt!

However we do want to send a huge apology to all of the wonderful ladies that purchased items, and to let them know no matter what we will get everything sorted out and we will make this up to you!! We value your friendship and business. Thank you so much for your time and understanding.

Until next time happy crafting and be on the lookout for teaser photos of our newest collection coming October 1st!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

WINNERS!!!!! oh ya and Collection Debut!

Good morning lovely Oh!Loopers!!!!!!
The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived, are you as excited as we are? Sarah and I have been jumping out of our skin. So much so that I was tempted to have the shop update go live at midnight, but somehow I found the strength to wait he he. Can you tell that we had a blast creating these one of a kind colourways for you guys.

As promised there have been two winners selected. The lovely winning comment from our Ravelry group came from post #18 (in the can you guess our new collection thread) the lovely Victoria, and from the comments on the blog the winning comment came from the lovely Becky P. Ladies if you could either PM or email us your address we will get your little prize pack out in the mail. Our email is

Thanks everyone we hope you love the new collection as much as we do!! Have a great week and be on the lookout for teaser photos of our October collections!

But hey wait………without further ado we give you the “Sweet Shoppe” collection!!!!! It’s so yummy!!!!! Enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

What We're Screaming For..........

I scream, you scream, we all scream for……YARN!!!!!! Especially when it looks like all the treats in a yummy “Sweet Shoppe!”

We give you not one, not two or three, but ten skeins of fingering weight yarn, dripping with sweet deliciousness! Want a little sneak peak? Oh course you do!!
But we have a little business to attend to first. All of you have been commenting either here or in the Ravelry group about what you thought we would be dying up next, and we’ve got to say you guys have some pretty awesome answers. Our winners will be randomly selected on Monday via random number generator for both our blog and our Ravelry group. So let us clarify. There will be a random winner selected from the blog comments and a random winner from the Ravelry comments. Yes, TWO WINNERS!!!!!

Since we are not selecting the winners until Monday there is still time to comment, and yes double dipping is totally fine

Well that’s all the business we have for this week, we are so glad that you have joined our group. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget the “Sweet Shoppe” will be open for business on Monday September 17th @ 9:30 AM PST
Don’t worry we didn’t forget the pictures!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We're Excited! Are You?

Hello and happy Friday friends. We wanted to visit briefly and give an update on a few exciting things.

We are having a blast here at the Oh!Loops headquarters, and we want all of you to have as much fun as we are, so we are adding a few Oh!Loops incentives that we are super keyed up for. First we have decided that after your sixth order you will receive a special thank you gift. This gift could be anything from stitch markers, to mini skeins but the only way to find out is to order, order, order!! Secondly, every time you comment on a blog post or a thread in our Ravelry group you will be entered into a drawling for prizes. These prizes may be items from our shop or they might just be fun random goodies, so get chatty!

The news we are most excited to share is that there are some awesome activities coming up in the next couple of months. On October 5th we will have a drawling for a Mystery Box Giveaway. This giveaway will contain 1-3 items from our shop. To participate you simply need to visit our Ravelry group and answer the questions on the Mystery Box Giveaway thread. The thread will be locked at midnight PST on October 4th and the winner will be announced on our blog the next day (we are hoping via podcast, fingers crossed) Then in November we will be hosting an Oh!Loops-a-Long. We have mentioned this before but wanted to keep you updated. We will have more details about this later in October so be looking for that.

Our last slice of exciting news is that we have been working away to create some yummy new colorways for you guys. These colorways and our new tags and stitch markers will make their Oh!Loops debut on Monday September 17th. Below is a sneak peak of what inspired us. Can you guess what our new collection is?...................................

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shop Update is Live!!

As promised there has been a shop update. We added our new colorway Graffiti on a wonderful cotton blend. We also added some amazing coordinating goodies.

Our new colorway was inspired by a local graffiti artist in our town. Driving home one day I spotted this graffiti artwork on the side of a fence near my house and decided that it would make an awesome colorway. So I hope you enjoy our interpretation!

The next shop update is scheduled for Monday September 17th. Check it out it will be full of lots of YUMMY goodies. In the future our updates will happen much earlier in the day, but due to the holiday activities we weren't able to upload things until now.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Exciting things coming to Oh!Loops!!

Wow it’s been an amazing 48 hours!!!!! Since our grand opening on September 1st Oh!Loops has had a mind-blowing turn around. We are overjoyed and beyond grateful for the support we have received. A huge thank you goes out to everyone that has followed our blog, joined our Ravelry group and made a purchase from our shop. One person stands out for us, Mel of Single Handed Knits, we cannot thank you enough for your amazing generosity and for all the wonderful things you have said about us. We are sending a few special thank you gifts your way!

On to Oh!Loops shop news……
First things first, our first shop update will be tomorrow Monday September 3rd. We will be adding some new gift tags, stitch markers and of course a new colorway. Here is a little sneak peak……..

Colorway #9: Graffiti

Second we wanted to tell you about some exciting things coming to the shop and our Ravelry group in September and November. Starting the third week in September there will be a super cool element added to all of our shop updates and products so check back to see what that’s going to be.

Then in November we will be doing an Oh!Loops-a-long (which is a MAL but with an Oh!Loops twist) with our group on Ravelry!! We are very excited about this and will give you more information as the time gets closer. This Oh!Loops-a-long will have random drawings with fun give-a-ways, and also prize winners!! We will add a forum containing all the details on our Ravelry page sometime in October, so be on the lookout for that. The Oh!Loops-a-long with start November 1st.

Well that is all of our new and exciting news for tonight. Until next time keep calm and dye on!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh!Loops Grand Opening............

On Thursday evening we officially created our first skein of the Oh!Loops signature colorway. We even wrote grand opening on it (which was a sight to see) so that one of you could join us for our "ribbon cutting ceremony"!

Adding this message was the highlight of our evening so we have decided that every skein of our Oh!Loops signature colorway will contain hidden warm fuzzies from Oh!Loops to you. You will never notice it while knitting, but you'll know it's there.

We have been counting down the hours since 5 o'clock on Friday August 31st, eagerly anticipating this very moment.

So this is us shouting from mission control to you our friends......OH!LOOPS IS SET FOR LAUNCH!!!!!!!!! ALL SYSTEMS A GO!!!!!!!!