Friday, February 15, 2013

Get Creative

Hello and happy late Valentine's Day Oh! Loopers,

We love that so many of you  participated in last week's "Out of this World" Share the Love extra credit activity!! All the wonderful little Valentines have been greatly appreciated, they are all so cute!

For this week's extra credit get your camera handy. We want you to come up with a creative/clever/unique way to photograph your entire yarn stash. I know for some of you, that have smaller stashes this may be pretty easy, but for those of you that have a gigantic stash a hum SARAH :) don't stress, just have fun and find the best way to photograph it that you can. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

We also wanted to quickly remind everyone that you have two more weeks to work on all those fabulous socks/leg warmers. We are blown away that several of you finished so quickly, and even more blown away at the amazing patterns some of you have selected. The socks are going to be awesome!! Sarah and I wish we all lived closer together because we would love to get a picture of all of our feet together wearing our "Out of this World" socks!!! Hmm Photoshop maybe?????

We also wanted to remind everyone that our newest collection will be going up in the shop on Monday the 18th. This collection is very near and dear to our hearts, especially mine and we have decided to donate a percentage of the profits to a wonderful organization. I don't want to give away to much just yet, so check back Monday both here and in the shop for more details.

Lastly we quickly wanted to touch base about club orders and custom "Out of this World" colourways. Please remember that if you are interested in ordering either of these things your order has to be in no later than March 1st.

All "Out of this World" custom colourways will be mailed out on March 22nd so that you will have them in time for the 4th and final project of the KAL.

The club orders remain the same as last time. You will receive one skein a month for three months, you won't know exactly what the skeins will look like until they arrive but the colors for the next three months are as follows, Green, Purple, Teal, Pink and Gray. Please keep in mind that not all skeins will contain all five colors but that all three skeins will contain at least one/some of the colors mentioned. Also the first skein of the month is a little more subtle variegated, the second skein a semi solid to match both variegateds, and the third a slightly more wild variegated. Each month you will also receive extra little goodies.

Well I think that is all for this week. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get lots of knitting time in. Thanks again to everyone that has sent Valentines. Bye for now, we will see you back here on Monday for collection release and info!


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