Friday, February 22, 2013

Knitters, HEADed for Space!!

Friday has arrived and it's finally time to reveal the third "Out of this World" KAL challenge and the new extra credit!!!!!

We love that you guys are so excited and really getting into this KAL, we are having a blast knitting with you all! Several of you completed gloves and were able to move on to socks/legwarmers and guys we gotta say the socks you are knitting totally rock, we are super excited to see everyone's finished projects. If you haven't finished don't stress you still have until next Thursday the 28th at midnight PST to finish and get your picture uploaded. Dory would tell you to just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting lol!! Yes I did just pull a Finding Nemo quote out, but hey if the quote fits!

Okay enough blabbing I can hear you all saying just tell us already.........what are we knitting next???????

Well my dear Oh! Loopers I will tell you. Knitters, HEADed for Space. For the third "Out of this World" KAL challenge you must knit something for your head or neck using a pattern you have never knit before. The pattern could be anything from hats to scarves, shawls, cowls, anything you want as long as it goes on your head or neck and it's a new pattern to you. The yardage, the color and the pattern are totally up to you!!! You will have from Friday March 1st until Sunday March 31st at midnight PST to knit and upload your picture to the correct FO thread on Ravelry. Since this is a challenge about patterns we ask that you also include a link to either the pattern or your project page.

For the new extra credit challenge we wanted to incorporate the idea that inspired our last collection, so with that said since February is National Cancer Prevention month we want you to knit something either in Pink to honor the survivors and victims of Breast Cancer or something Purple to honor the survivors and victims of Pancreatic cancer. You don't need to give your item away it just needs to be knit in one or both of those colors and it can be any pattern and of any size.  Once completed please upload a picture of the item to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Before we say goodbye a quick reminder that next Friday the 28th will be the last day to order the next three month club subscription and also the custom "Out of this World" colourways. We also wanted to let you know that our new collection will go up in the shop on Monday March 4th and that it will be the biggest collection we have release since opening back in September and we will be including something new and Really, REAlly, REALLY COOL!!!!!

Well have a great weekend everyone, and happy knitting!!!

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