Friday, February 22, 2013

Knitters, HEADed for Space!!

Friday has arrived and it's finally time to reveal the third "Out of this World" KAL challenge and the new extra credit!!!!!

We love that you guys are so excited and really getting into this KAL, we are having a blast knitting with you all! Several of you completed gloves and were able to move on to socks/legwarmers and guys we gotta say the socks you are knitting totally rock, we are super excited to see everyone's finished projects. If you haven't finished don't stress you still have until next Thursday the 28th at midnight PST to finish and get your picture uploaded. Dory would tell you to just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting lol!! Yes I did just pull a Finding Nemo quote out, but hey if the quote fits!

Okay enough blabbing I can hear you all saying just tell us already.........what are we knitting next???????

Well my dear Oh! Loopers I will tell you. Knitters, HEADed for Space. For the third "Out of this World" KAL challenge you must knit something for your head or neck using a pattern you have never knit before. The pattern could be anything from hats to scarves, shawls, cowls, anything you want as long as it goes on your head or neck and it's a new pattern to you. The yardage, the color and the pattern are totally up to you!!! You will have from Friday March 1st until Sunday March 31st at midnight PST to knit and upload your picture to the correct FO thread on Ravelry. Since this is a challenge about patterns we ask that you also include a link to either the pattern or your project page.

For the new extra credit challenge we wanted to incorporate the idea that inspired our last collection, so with that said since February is National Cancer Prevention month we want you to knit something either in Pink to honor the survivors and victims of Breast Cancer or something Purple to honor the survivors and victims of Pancreatic cancer. You don't need to give your item away it just needs to be knit in one or both of those colors and it can be any pattern and of any size.  Once completed please upload a picture of the item to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Before we say goodbye a quick reminder that next Friday the 28th will be the last day to order the next three month club subscription and also the custom "Out of this World" colourways. We also wanted to let you know that our new collection will go up in the shop on Monday March 4th and that it will be the biggest collection we have release since opening back in September and we will be including something new and Really, REAlly, REALLY COOL!!!!!

Well have a great weekend everyone, and happy knitting!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fight for a Cure

Since February is National Cancer Prevention Month, Sarah and I have decided to release a collection in support of the amazing strides taken in the fight against cancer.

Last January I lost my mother Marcella Rose to Pancreatic Cancer, and just this past December my sister-in-law Kara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Sarah and I want to do what we can to help others get the medicine and support they need to fight these horrible diseases, so we will be donating 10% of the profit from each skein in this collection to both the National Breast Cancer Foundation and to help find a cure.

Even though this collection is a smaller one we are hoping it makes a big impact on the lives of the many men and women and their families, that are affected by cancer every day.

Please join us in our efforts. There is HOPE!!!

Stand up and "Fight for a Cure"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Get Creative

Hello and happy late Valentine's Day Oh! Loopers,

We love that so many of you  participated in last week's "Out of this World" Share the Love extra credit activity!! All the wonderful little Valentines have been greatly appreciated, they are all so cute!

For this week's extra credit get your camera handy. We want you to come up with a creative/clever/unique way to photograph your entire yarn stash. I know for some of you, that have smaller stashes this may be pretty easy, but for those of you that have a gigantic stash a hum SARAH :) don't stress, just have fun and find the best way to photograph it that you can. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

We also wanted to quickly remind everyone that you have two more weeks to work on all those fabulous socks/leg warmers. We are blown away that several of you finished so quickly, and even more blown away at the amazing patterns some of you have selected. The socks are going to be awesome!! Sarah and I wish we all lived closer together because we would love to get a picture of all of our feet together wearing our "Out of this World" socks!!! Hmm Photoshop maybe?????

We also wanted to remind everyone that our newest collection will be going up in the shop on Monday the 18th. This collection is very near and dear to our hearts, especially mine and we have decided to donate a percentage of the profits to a wonderful organization. I don't want to give away to much just yet, so check back Monday both here and in the shop for more details.

Lastly we quickly wanted to touch base about club orders and custom "Out of this World" colourways. Please remember that if you are interested in ordering either of these things your order has to be in no later than March 1st.

All "Out of this World" custom colourways will be mailed out on March 22nd so that you will have them in time for the 4th and final project of the KAL.

The club orders remain the same as last time. You will receive one skein a month for three months, you won't know exactly what the skeins will look like until they arrive but the colors for the next three months are as follows, Green, Purple, Teal, Pink and Gray. Please keep in mind that not all skeins will contain all five colors but that all three skeins will contain at least one/some of the colors mentioned. Also the first skein of the month is a little more subtle variegated, the second skein a semi solid to match both variegateds, and the third a slightly more wild variegated. Each month you will also receive extra little goodies.

Well I think that is all for this week. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get lots of knitting time in. Thanks again to everyone that has sent Valentines. Bye for now, we will see you back here on Monday for collection release and info!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Short and Sweet

Friday has finally arrived!! I am overly excited by this, it has been a crazy week. So with that said this week's blog post will be very short and sweet.

The new extra credit challenge is to knit either an Alien or Monster, they can be any shape, size and/or color. The challenge is to knit and have fun with it.
We also wanted to encourage everyone to keep knitting away on their socks and/or legwarmers. We are so excited to see what everyone comes up with for February's Knitters WALK on the Moon challenge!

On another note the month of February is supposed to be about love, so we quickly wanted to address something that is near and dear to our hearts. For those of us that participate on the Ravelry website we need to remain a friendly and inviting community. Knitters, crocheters and crafters alike are a wonderful group of people who have created a community all their own, a community that has on numerous occasions done some amazing things for others. However sadly sometimes within this community we can be mean and hurtful. We have the right to disagree and not have the same views, but we do not have the right to be cruel. Let's take a moment and put ourselves in someone else's shoes, redirect our feelings in a positive direction and remember that words are our most powerful tool. Let's use them to breathe life. We are sorry if we seem soap boxy, we don't mean to offend or put anyone off, we are just noticing things that we feel could also be upsetting to others and wanted to express our feelings on the matter.
On a more positive note we are loving the Valentines going out, yay for more LOVE in our mailboxes. We also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has sent hats for the Halos of Hope foundation. The children in their program will greatly appreciate them. We are grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends, you all rock!

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all back here next Friday :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Love Story"

In honor of Valentines we give you our newest collection "Love Story"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Love is in the air!

Good morning and happy Friday,

We hope you have all had a good week, and a good January. Can you believe it's already February 1st? Guess what that means it's time to cast on to those socks or legwarmers!!! But more on that later.

In knitting news this week, Sarah and I have some finished objects to share. First we are excited to report that Sarah finished this beautiful test knit for the lovely Laura Linneman aka Lala on Ravelry. She used the Punk Rock and A Little Bit of Rhythm colourways. I give her 8 fingers and 2 thumbs up!!! I think it turned out beautifully!!! Now I think she needs to make me one. Once the pattern becomes available we will let you guys know so that if you would like to make one you can do so!

She also cast on to this adorable Newborn Vertebra by Kelly Brooker, for a friends baby shower. Super cute!

For me as many of you know I finished my Little Stargazer hat for the Halos of Hope foundation. I really like the way it turned out.


I also cast on to the Flower Moon shawl and I am really pleased with my progress so far.

In non knitting news this week, I am super excited to share that we moved my son into his new room, which he is sharing with my middle daughter. He slept in there for the first time last night and once he fell asleep he actually stayed all night!!!! Hopefully we will have continued success in the nights to come.
                                                              Her bed
Their beds

His bed


Okay in "Out of this World" KAL news, we first want to congratulate everyone that completed the January "Put your HANDS up for knitters in Space" challenge. You all did an awesome job and everyone's FO's look great!!

The January FO thread has officially been locked and we are moving on to February's "Knitters WALK on the Moon" challenge. We are so excited to see what you all knit this month. There have been some awesome sock pattern ideas shared!

Since it's Friday we have a new extra credit challenge!! This one is all about the spirit of community and getting to know each other a little more. So with that said we want you to send a PM to another member in the group that is participating in the "Out of this World" KAL, and get their address (if they are willing to share it) so that you can send them a Valentine. Once you have a Valentine ready to send please take a picture of it and upload that picture in the extra credit thread. We also want you to take it a step further, if you are the recipient of a Valentine we would like you to say thank you to the sender in the "Out of this World" chatter thread. So go and share some "Out of this World" love!!!

Lastly just a quick reminder that the new collection will be going up in the shop on Monday February 4th. Can you feel the love? We sure can!!!

Well that about covers all of our news for this week. Hope everyone has a nice weekend, we look forward to the pictures and chatter about socks, slippers, legwarmers for humans and dogs alike, and all the wonderful Valentines!!

Talk to you next week!