Friday, March 29, 2013

The SSS Operative Program~

Good morning lovely Oh! Loopers,

March is winding down which means soon there will be warmer days, trips to the park, flowers in the flower beads and............the final "Out of this World" KAL challenge!!!!!

Are you guys excited? Sarah and I can't wait to cast on, and we are super excited to see what everyone decides to make. Before we move on to shop new and collection pictures lets briefly discuss the final challenge and this week's extra credit.

As mention in the last few blog posts the fourth and final "Out of this World" challenge is really a pick your own project, but knit it with our yarn challenge. When Sarah and I had the idea for this KAL we wanted it to be about knitters taking themselves out of their usual knitting comfort zones and challenging themselves to try something new. For the first month is was a new technique, the second month a new color combination and this month a new pattern. The final challenge is about knitting with a new product, and that product is Oh! Loops yarn!!

So with that said starting Monday April 1st you will be able to cast on to the final project. "Knitters, it's only 400 yards from the Moon to Mars, so knit on!!!" This project can be anything you want. It can be a sweater, a shawl, a pair of socks, a dress, anything. The only requirements for this month's challenge are, that you choose a project that has a minimum of 400 yards and 200 yards of that must be knit with Oh! Loops yarn. As I mentioned last week, several of you have already purchased your skein of yarn and are ready to go, however for those of you that haven't yet had the opportunity to do so, we will have a new collection going up in the shop on Monday and our normal turnaround time is either the same day or within five days of purchase, so chances are you would be able to cast on to your project no later than Friday of next week if you order on Monday. If at any time you have questions about the final project we have a chatter/questions thread in the Oh! Loops group on Ravelry and either Sarah or I would be happy to answer your question.

You guys have been so awesome during this KAL and the finish line is within reach, as you move forward remember you are playing for some awesome prizes. One member of the Oh! Loops group and one member of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast group will win the prize package. The package will include things such as: a project bag from the fabulous Silver Pumpkin shop on Etsy, buttons from the wonderful Tangerine 8 Designs shop on Etsy, a skein of Oh! Loops yarn, stitch markers, and lot of other fun little "Out of this World goodies. Plus for those that have been participating in the extra credit challenges you will have another chance to win some fun goodies as well. Later this month we will upload a picture of the prize packages so you can see everything in its glory!!!!

Okay now for this week's extra credit challenge. This week is pretty easy. For the first challenge of the extra credit we had you make a list of things you wanted to accomplish knitting wise this year, well now we want to know how you are doing? Tell us what on the list you have accomplished, what has been or should be removed from the list and what else has been added. Once you have those questions answered add it to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Now for some Oh! Loops shop news. Many of you know that Monday April 1st is just around the corner which means the first half of our April collection will be released along with our new Socks Anonymous club. As mentioned before this club will be available for purchase only until May 25th and the first skein of the club will be mailed out in June with its foot related goodie.

As promised here is a collection picture.

May we introduce our, "Yay for April Gray" collection!!!!! Part 1, The Dark Side.........................
Now some of you may be asking yourself, where are the stripes we were promised? Well don't fret the stripes will be in the update but for their own protection they have been entered into the SSS operative program, AKA Sarah's Secret Stripes, more commonly referred to as the SPP, AKA the Stripes Protection Program!!!! Due to their popularity and massive stocker following they cannot be photographed at this present time, but will still make their red carpet appearance, as to maintain their stripe status on Monday!!

Okay now that you all think Sarah and I have a few screws loose we will say goodbye for today and we want to wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend?


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