Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is in the Air~

Good morning Oh! Loopers,

Sorry we are getting such a late start again today. I have a couple sick kiddos and one of Sarah's little ones had a dentist appointment this morning.

So let's just jump right in with a couple reminders. First, for those of you participating in the "Out of this World" KAL you have a little over a week to finish up challenge number three. We will officially announce the fourth and final challenge next Friday and you will be able to cast on April 1st. Please keep in mind that in order to be eligible to win the prize pack at the end of the KAL that includes awesome gifts such as a project bag from the amazing Silver Pumpkin shop, stitch markers, buttons from the fabulous Tangerine 8 Designs shop, a skein of Oh! Loops yarn and tones of other little Out of this World goodies, you must knit something with a total of 400 yards and 200 of those yards need to be done in Oh! Loops yarn for the final project.

With keeping that in mind we wanted to let you all know that our next shop update will be on April 1st, so iIf you haven't ordered your yarn yet and/or if there isn't a skein in the shop currently that you like we will have several more items to choose from shortly. If you are worried that ordering on the 1st of April won't give you enough time to finish please don't stress. Our shop, 9 times out of 10 will either ship your order out the same day or the day after purchasing, and you will have until the end of April to complete the final challenge.

In other "Out of this World" KAL news........ it's Friday so you all know what that means!!! It means there is a new extra credit challenge :)

In honor of Spring we want you to knit something Springy!!! It could be something with Spring in the title of the pattern, it would be something that makes you think of Spring, it could be something you would wear in the Spring or it could be something knit in Spring colors!! Anything you want and any size you want as long as it references Spring in some manner :)

In shop news, as mentioned earlier our next shop update will be happening on April 1st. We are so excited for this collection and loved it so much that we have decided to make it a month long event!!! It is a very fun and refreshing collection.

Along with our regular collection stocking we will also be introducing our newest club. We mentioned this last week but quickly want to share the information with you all once more. Our "Socks Anonymous" club will run similar to our current Yarnie AA club. It will run for three months, the first month being June and will consist of three sock worthy skeins. Month one will be a semi solid, month two a variegated and contrasting heel toe combination, and month three a self striping. All the extra goodies included in this club will be sock and/or foot related. As mentioned before the major difference between this club and our Yarnie AA club is that these skeins will be a surprise, meaning you will always know what type of skein you are getting but you won't know what color the skeins will be. Sarah and I think this will be a fun little surprise for you guys each month.

If interested you will have the option to purchase your subscription until Saturday May 25th and your first skein would be mailed out the third week in June. We will still continue with our current Yarnie AA club as well as this club is a new option in our shop not a replacement. We are super excited for this club and hope you guys are also.

Well guys it has been fun to chat for a brief moment but I must say goodbye for today. I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend and we will see you back here next week. Until then happy knitting. I hope it's Out of this World!!!!

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