Friday, March 15, 2013

All the Pretties!!!

Wow March is just flying by!!! If any of you are like Sarah and I this means that there are only two more weeks to complete the 9 million projects you assigned yourself in March lol!!!! I am making pretty good progress but the light has not yet shown itself at the end of the tunnel. Why oh why do I let myself do this to myself??? I need to ask myself "Self why are you purposely making yourself insane?" I'm pretty sure my "Self" would say, "because I must knit all the pretties!!!!!!" Well there you have it folks!

It's Friday finally which means it's time for me to give you guys all kinds of exciting Oh! Loops news! First let's talk "Out of this World" KAL. Many of you have finished challenge number 3 and are gearing up for the fourth and final challenge so congrats to you. For those of us that haven't finished, don't stress we still have plenty of time. This challenge will remain open until March 31st at midnight PST. 
We do want to send a quick friendly reminder that for the fourth and final project you will be asked to challenge yourself by knitting with our yarn, since for some of you that is a new thing. So, with that said for those of you that haven't yet had the chance to purchase your final project skein Sarah and I ask that you do so by no later than Sunday March 24th so that we can get your yarn shipped out on the 25th. We want to make sure you have plenty of time to complete your final project and are eligible to win the fun prize package.  Please note that aside from the required 400 yards for the final project everything else will be up to you. The final project can be anything you want. Any pattern, any color, anything. The only requirement will be that it uses at least 400 yards of yarn and 200 yards of that comes from Oh! Loops yarn. We are so excited to see what everyone decides to knit!!! You will be able to cast on to project four on April 1st.

For this week's "Out of this World" extra credit challenge we want you to "Think Green"  In honor of St. Patrick's Day we want you to harness your Leprechaun energy and find that pot of "GREEN" at the end of the rainbow. Well actually we just want you to find 17 green items and get a clever picture of all 17 green items together. Once you have your picture upload it to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Okay in shop news we have a few very exciting things to tell you about. First for our Yarnie AA club members the first skein of this collection will be going out earlier than expected. Your March club skein will be in the mail on Monday!!! We are so excited for you all to get them. They are so fun and will make you think of Spring.

The second exciting thing to tell you is also club related. Are you ready? Brace yourselves..........Starting April 1st you will be able to purchase a subscription to our new club!!!! Yes we said NEW club. Our "Socks Anonymous" club. This club will run similar to our current Yarnie AA club. It will run for three months, the first month being June and will consist of three sock worthy skeins. Month one will be a semi solid, month two a variegated and contrasting heel toe combination, and month three a self striping. All the extra goodies included in this club will be sock and/or foot related. The major difference between this club and our Yarnie AA club is that these skeins will be a surprise, meaning you will always know if you are getting a semi solid, a variegated and contrasting heel toe or a self striping but you won't know what color the skeins will be. Sarah and I think this will be a fun little surprise for you guys each month. So as mentioned above a listing for this will go up in the shop on April 1st and you will be able to purchase your subscription until Saturday May 25th. Your first skein would be mailed out the third week in June. We are so excited about this club and can't wait to get things in the dye pot for you guys!! We will still continue with our current Yarnie AA club as well.

Our final piece of news is about our newest collection, which will be making its grand appearance in the shop on Monday March 18th. We know how you all love a sneak peak though and figured we could totally help out with that :)

So may we introduce "A Masterpiece"

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