Sunday, November 18, 2012

The "Comedy of Errors"

Wow what a week!! For those of you that read the blog, I’m sure you noticed that Friday came and went without our usual blog update. Well my dear Oh! Loopers that is because Sarah and I have been staring in the “Comedy of Errors” this week.

It all started with me getting Bronchitis on Monday and truly just feeling like I got run over by a truck. Then poor Sarah fell down the stairs and broke a couple of her toes. My daughter got hit in the face and we were almost certain she had a broken nose, thankfully she did not, and then to top off this crazy; what else could go wrong week; my dog got sprayed by a skunk!!! So I have bleach, febrezed, and aired out the house for several days now in the hopes that the smell will dissipate before my family shows up on Tuesday for Thanksgiving!!

Anyways all that to say we are sorry that we haven’t been as active on the blog or Ravelry group as we usually are. We also wanted to let you know that given the week we have had and with Thanksgiving just a few days away our November 19th shop update has been postponed until Monday November 26th.

We are excited for the new collection and to add another yarn base to the shop. We hope you all love it and are looking forward to seeing what everyone knits up.

A quick reminder that the Fall Oh! Loops Along is still underway. Please remember that if you are knitting for that please have your FO posted in the Ravelry thread with a link to the pattern and yarn information by midnight PST on November 30th.

Well that is all from us now, so from Sarah and I we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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