Friday, September 7, 2012

We're Excited! Are You?

Hello and happy Friday friends. We wanted to visit briefly and give an update on a few exciting things.

We are having a blast here at the Oh!Loops headquarters, and we want all of you to have as much fun as we are, so we are adding a few Oh!Loops incentives that we are super keyed up for. First we have decided that after your sixth order you will receive a special thank you gift. This gift could be anything from stitch markers, to mini skeins but the only way to find out is to order, order, order!! Secondly, every time you comment on a blog post or a thread in our Ravelry group you will be entered into a drawling for prizes. These prizes may be items from our shop or they might just be fun random goodies, so get chatty!

The news we are most excited to share is that there are some awesome activities coming up in the next couple of months. On October 5th we will have a drawling for a Mystery Box Giveaway. This giveaway will contain 1-3 items from our shop. To participate you simply need to visit our Ravelry group and answer the questions on the Mystery Box Giveaway thread. The thread will be locked at midnight PST on October 4th and the winner will be announced on our blog the next day (we are hoping via podcast, fingers crossed) Then in November we will be hosting an Oh!Loops-a-Long. We have mentioned this before but wanted to keep you updated. We will have more details about this later in October so be looking for that.

Our last slice of exciting news is that we have been working away to create some yummy new colorways for you guys. These colorways and our new tags and stitch markers will make their Oh!Loops debut on Monday September 17th. Below is a sneak peak of what inspired us. Can you guess what our new collection is?...................................


  1. Wow! This sounds like lots of fun. I love your shop. I placed my first order this week!!

  2. Candy shop. Love the inspiration picture!