Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Friday, we have LOTS of info and Stuff :) :)

Is it really Friday already? Wow it has been a crazy week here at the Oh! Loops headquarters, and by headquarters we really just mean Sarah’s kitchen and dining room table lol!! We wanted to visit and give you a few updates and yes of course more teaser photos. I know I said one a day for the week but I still have a few more that I love and I think you guys just NEED to see them; or rather I NEED you to see them.

First we wanted you guys to know that we LOVE the comments and wonderful guesses you have all been making. There seems to be a general consensus that the theme is Alice in Wonderland hmmmmm……………I wonder if there is something to that?

Well we aren’t going to tell you what the collection is just yet, but we will tell you that we are so excited for its debut on Monday!! This collection is the one we have been dreaming about and wanting to create since our little Oh! Loops dream became a reality. We hope you love it as much as we do!!
Since we can’t quench your collection curiosity quit yet, we thought we would give you something else to chew on. We have mentioned a few times before that we would be having a Fall Oh! Loops-Along. We originally planned to wait until November, but have since decided to have this run from the middle of October thru the end of November. Yay our first MAL!!! We are so excited.  We will be adding thread on our Ravelry group containing more information, as well as an FO thread.

In addition to our Fall Oh! Loops-Along we are going to have a Magic Yarn Ball swap in December. A thread with information and sign up details will be added later in October.
Now for something that is near and dear to our hearts. Oh! Loops or rather the two crazy ladies behind it, have decided to team up with a local shelter. We are knitting for a good cause; we are knitting to keep people warm. If you would like to team up with us and knit an adult size hat, scarf, or a pair of gloves/mittens that would be wonderful and much appreciated. We have added a thread with more information to our group on Ravelry.

Okay so now that we have unloaded a mass amount of super duper important details and given you lots of things to obsess over, okay so maybe it’s just us obsessing, we will leave you will awesome teaser photo #7. We will announce the winner on Monday in the thread on Ravelry. The winner will then be PM'd with information about their winnings!!!

Whooo Are Youuuuu???






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