Thursday, April 25, 2013

Houston It's Good to be Home

Well Oh! Loopers, can you believe we are only six days away from the end of our "Out of this World" KAL!!!??? I'm so excited to see all the wonderful finished projects but sad to be done. Guess it's time to start planning the next one haha!!!

We know that many of you are still knitting away but don't worry you will have until midnight PST on April 30th to complete your project and have it uploaded to the FO thread on Ravelry. Please don't forget that for this challenge you must also include the information about which colourway from Oh! Loops you used in the project notes.

While on the topic of the knit along it's time to announce the final extra credit challenge. For this week we want you to tell us why you decided to participate in the KAL, what your favorite part/challenge was and if you would participate in another KAL with Oh! Loops. Once you have answered these questions please add them to your claimed spot in the extra credit thread.

Okay guys now we have a few announcements for you. First starting in May we will be moving our blog updates to Wednesday's. Friday can sometimes be a little hectic for both Sarah and I so the switch just make sense since its a less crazy day.

We would also like to announce that we have decided to release a collection every Monday in May. We are so excited for you guys to see all the fun colourways coming to the shop next month. May's skein will all have a similar theme.

We also wanted to remind everyone that you have until May 25th to vote for the Socks Anonymous colors that you would like to see, and you will have until that same day to purchase a subscription for the club if you wish to do so. Subscriptions for the Yarnie AA club will remain open until May 31st. The colors for the next three months are as follows, Jun/Jul/Aug~ skeins will include some combination of, Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, Black, and Green. Not all three skeins will include all the colors. Please note that for the summer months we have limited the yarn bases. For the light house group you can request the Platinum or the 100% Merino HT base and for the heavy house we are only offering it on the worsted base. This change will only affect the summer club skeins and we will add the other bases back in September. Spots are filling up for both clubs so if you want to join don't wait to long. We have lots of fun little club extras planned for both clubs this summer.

Well that is pretty much it for this week guys but before I say goodbye I wanted to give everyone a little sneak peak of the mini collection that is going up on Monday.

So without further ado may we introduce the "This Child" collection, it was inspired by the Monday's Child poem. What day were you born?????

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I will see you back here next Wednesday.

P.S. if you are confused by the title it was what astronaut Jim Lovell said to the mission control commander in Houston when Apollo 13 came safely home. It was my way of adding a silly spacey reference to the end of our KAL lol!!!

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