Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Great Day for Oh! Loops

Today Sarah and I had the opportunity to join a huge group of talented Etsy Shop owners at the Inland Northwest Team’s, Handmade Holiday Craft Fair. It was so much fun and a wonderful way to meet some really great people and crafters.

As I mentioned on Friday we were invited at the last minute and promptly went into panic mode. Well guys it must have worked because we managed to create a new collection, part of which will go up in Monday’s shop update, and bring together a very nice, well thought out booth display; we did learn a lot for next time however. Here are a few pictures of our booth.


Oh! Loops had a good day business wise, below is a picture of one of the new Narnia colourways that sold. This is Edmund; he will be the only Pevensie child missing from our Narnia collection (unless Sarah and I decide to recreate him, in some way lol)

We also had a great day personally. Sarah and I both found so many wonderful trinkets and goodies that we fell in love with. If you guys get the opportunity you should check out these other great shops:

Beautiful and quirky jewelry,

Gorgeous vintage house wares and jewelry,

Wonderful hand sewn items,

Cute and very fun designer wallets and coin purses,

We had the opportunity to chat with and buy from these wonderful ladies. We were truly blown away by the amazing talent from not only these ladies but many others as well. We look forward to being a part of this show again next year.

Now that we have shared our fun and exciting news, we need to give some updates and a few reminders.

First, Sarah and I have had not only a crazy week, but a crazy month. Sometimes it just happens and there is no controlling it. We realized that we weren’t the only ones that have been super busy, so we decided to extend the deadline for the Fall Oh! Loops Along until Monday. So smile, take a deep breath, and keep knitting away on those awesome projects until Monday.

We also wanted to let you know that due to our shop being on vacation most of the day Friday and Saturday we have extended the deadline to get in on the Dec/Jan/Feb club subscription. Remember when ordering, if you decide to, the subscription is for three months. You will receive three skeins that will combine some combination of Blue, Gray, Red and Pink. Not every skein will have every color but at least one of the above. The Dec/Jan/Feb club subscription will remain in our shop until Tuesday. On Tuesday that listing will be removed and there will be a new listing for Mar/Apr/May and it will contain all new color combinations.

Well it’s been a very long day so I am going to say goodbye and goodnight for now. Thanks guys talk to you soon!!!



  1. The pictures of your booth are great! It looks like such a fun place to shop. Congratulations on your successful craft show!! You are both such amazing ladies. I love your yarn and other pretty things! Thanks for the suggestions of other fun Etsy shops. Have a great evening!

  2. It was so fun meeting you gals! Looking forward to getting to know you both more over knitting and quality mommy time.