Friday, October 26, 2012

Yippee it’s finally Friday!!!! Anyone else excited?

Well if you aren’t excited yet, I think you might be after you find out what Sarah and I have planned for Monday’s shop update.

But before we can get to that we wanted to say a huge thank you to, two wonderful ladies, you know who you are, for sending these warm winter items, for the homeless shelter we are teaming up with. We are so grateful to you for taking the time to knit something for a person in need.  
For anyone still interested in partnering with us, you still have time. Our deadline for this isn’t until November 5th. I know it’s only 11 days away but it’s amazing what someone can accomplish when they put their mind to it. Ladies again we say thank you!!!

Okay and now the exciting news that I’m sure you have all been waiting for. On Monday October 29th Sarah and I will be releasing two new listings. The first is our new custom orders option. If you have a colourway you are dying to own or already have a skein of Oh! Loops yarn that you want a coordinating skein for, this could be a great choice for you. Please keep in mind that Oh! Loops specializes in one-of-a-kind colourways. We would be happy to create a coordinating skein for something you already have but not recreate an Oh! Loops skein you already have. However if you order more than one skein at a time we would be happy to dye more than one skein of whatever colourway you are requesting. Just make sure to leave extensive notes when checking out so that we can insure you get exactly what you want.

The second thing coming to the shop is something Sarah and I are over the moon with excitement about. Starting December 1st Oh! Loops will be offering an “Oh! Loops Yarn Club” Each subscription will run for a period of three months. Our yarn club has everything. Here's what you would get:

The yarn bases. For lighter weight yarn, you will be able to choose from our Platinum Sock, Glitter, Merino HT Sock, or our Merino DK yarn bases.

~For heavier weight yarn, you will be able to choose from our Merino Traditional SW Aran, Merino Worsted, Merino Worsted SW, or our Merino Bulky yarn bases.

~Please remember that the base you choose will be the base you get for all 3 skeins over the course of your 3 month subscription. You are more than welcome to choose a different base for your next 3 month subscription.

Uniqueness. Oh! Loops club members will get colourways that won’t ever be offered in the shop. For each 3 month subscription we will let you know which color group we are dyeing but you won’t know what your skein looks like until it arrives at your door. However all 3 skeins will encompasses one or more of the colors indicated for that months color grouping so they will all coordinate with each other.

Awesome extras. We love getting goodies, and know you do, too. From time to time you will receive extras with your yarn – these may include things like coupon codes, mini skeins, stitch markers, gift tags, patterns and even yummy treats.

Contests and prizes. Being a club member will have many other benefits. You could win free yarn and much much more. These are things that only club members will be eligible for!

The yarn will always be shipped on the last day of the month and each subscription is 3 months long, with payment received in advance. To be eligible for the next 3 month block you must purchase no later than the last day of the previous month. For example, for Dec/Jan/Feb you must purchase no later than Nov 30th.

Want to know what you can expect? Below is the list of color groupings we have selected for each 3 month block.

                                                           12 Months of Color:

~Dec/Jan/Feb~ skeins will include some combination of, **Blue, Gray, Red, and Pink**

~Mar/April/May~ skeins will include some combination of, **Green, Purple, Teal, Pink, and Gray**

~Jun/Jul/Aug~ skeins will include some combination of, **Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown, Black, and Green**

~Sep/Oct/Nov~ skeins will include some combination of, **Plum, Maroon, Red, Black, Jade, Burnt Orange and Lime Green

Spots for this club are limited so if you are interested don’t wait. We are so excited and can’t wait to share the awesomely unique colourways we have created with all of you!!

The third and final thing is the 20/10 sale on Monday October 29th. What is a 20/10 sale you ask? This means that for Monday only the first 10 people to purchase something from the shop will get their item at 20% off. The first 10 shoppers can use this coupon code october2010sale please note it will only work 10 times, so if you are the 11th person to enter it in, the 20% discount will not be applied.

Now that we have revealed all of our exciting news the only thing left to do is give a few quick reminders. The Fall Oh! Loops Along is underway and progressing nicely. If you haven’t joined in there is still plenty of time. We also wanted to remind the members of our group on Ravelry that you might get BOOed on Halloween so make sure you check your inbox!!

Well I have rammbled on long enough I'm sure, so I will say goodbye for now. Enjoy the weekend and happy crafting!!

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