Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Stargazer RAK

I apologize this week's blog is very long, but there is a lot to cover!

Okay guys because we are over the moon excited I am going to just jump right in to our awesome news, and the next extra credit challenge.

Last week while watching the Knitting Blooms podcast Sarah and I heard about this charity called Halos for Hope. Every year they host "Camp Happy Times" and each year they give it a different theme. Well you guys guess what this year's theme is? Yep you guessed it STARS!!!!!! So this year they are trying to get 200-300 knit/crocheted hats that have a stars/space/outer space aliens/Star Wars/Star Trek design and or theme donated for the kids to wear when they take them stargazing.

 Okay like I said when Sarah and I saw this we knew it was perfect, it was serendipity!! So you are probably asking yourself what does this mean for Oh! Loops and the KAL? Well it means that this week's extra credit is an RAK! We want you to knit/crochet a hat for a Halos for Hope child. So going up in our shop today Sarah and I have created a special colourway called "Little Stargazer" in honor of this year's Camp Happy Times theme. If you would like to donate a hat to this charity you will have the opportunity to purchase this colourway should you decide that you want to use it for this extra credit RAK. Today we will only have three listings for this colourway, however if you decide you want to purchase this colourway once the three listings are gone, you can still do so. You would just need to purchase a "Custom Order" and indicate in the sellers notes that you want the "Little Stargazer" colourway. The bases available will be, Platinum Sock fingering, SW Worsted and 2ply High Twist fingering and you would need to indicated which of those you would like as well.

 Please note that you by no means have to purchase this colourway in order to participate nor do you have to use this colourway for this project, if you would rather just purchase the skein for yourself that is alright as well. Sarah and I have already decided that 10% of the profit for this colourway will go to the Halos for Hope foundation, because we would like to support their efforts anyway we can. However with that said we would also love it if you would just make a hat regardless of whether or not you decide to purchase a "Little Stargazer" colourway, because to us the donation of the hat is the important thing.

If you do decide to knit/crochet a hat this is what we need you to do:

1.) Choose a pattern with a stars/space/outer space aliens/Star Wars/Star Trek theme. I have added a page to our Ravelry group that includes a list of patterns, you don't have to use one of these they are just ones that the Halos for Hope staff suggested. Hats can be made to fit any child between the ages of 5-21.

2.) If you are not knitting the hat from our yarn please make sure you select a soft natural yarn, that can be washed. Many of these children are undergoing chemo treatments and therefore have bald and very sensitive heads.

3.) Please have the hat completed by no later than May 1st.

4.) Once you have finished the hat please send it to me Lydia Brown or Sarah Stevens (you can PM us on Ravelry for our address) by no later than May 2nd, with either a quick note about yourself or a gift tag that says handmade by and your name. We would like to include those with the hats when we send them off. If you do not have a gift tag we will have some available in our shop for $0.50 that you could add to your finished item, that will be star/space themed.

Once we have received all of the finished hats Sarah and I will send them off to the Halos for Hope foundation along with the additional money raised. We are super excited about this project and hope that you will all join us.

Okay moving on to other "Out of this World" KAL news. Many of you have been asking for hints as to the next project as well as the fourth and final one so that you know what to purchase. So Sarah and I wanted to give you the basic important need to know information, but nothing that would spoil the fun and surprise. So...............

For project 2: Yardage requirement~ up to you, Pattern~ up to you, Pattern category~ TBA later by us, New Challenge/Technique portion TBA later by us

For project 3: Yardage requirement~ up to you, Pattern~ up to you, Pattern category~ TBA later by us, New Challenge/Technique portion TBA later by us

For final project: Yardage requirement~ 400 yards total, 200 yards must be of Oh! Loops yarn, which means you can either purchase 1 skein of our fingering weight yarn, 1 skein of our worsted weight yarn, or 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn as long as the finished object has a total of 400 yards and 200 yards of something from our shop. You can either order the custom "Out of this World" colourway or choose another item from the shop that you like more.

We have also decided that to keep you guys excited and happy between projects we are going to give extra credit challenges every week instead of every other week as discussed before. The extra credit projects will not always involve actual knitting, sometimes they will be just random and fun. We are so thrilled at the number of people who have already jumped on board for this KAL and we can't wait to see the progress you all make.

In non KAL news we wanted to give you a few reminders. First the second half of this month's collection will go up on Monday the 21st. The skeins are quirky and we think you guys are really going to enjoy them. We also wanted to let everyone know that all of the remaining items from our "Sweet Shoppe" collection will be leaving the shop on the 17th of this month, so starting today they will all be on sale. If there is an item from this collection that you have been eyeing grab it while you can. Everything has been marked down 50%

The final tidbit of information that we wanted to give you guys is about a new thread we will be starting on our group page. Sarah and I were talking the other day and we realized that since we don't have an actual  podcast (yet, one may be in the works) some of you don't know very much about us and we in turn don't know very much about you. So with that said we will be starting a "Whatcha" thread in our group. In this thread we will discuss all things regarding, "whatcha reading, whatcha watching, whatcha eating, whatcha obsessed with etc, etc". This will be an ongoing thread. We think it will be a fun way for us to share fun random things with you guys our friends and also for us to know fun things about you guys!

Okay now that you have spent about 45 minutes listening to me ramble I will say goodbye for now. I hope you will be joining us for the RAK extra credit and I wish you all the best with your "Out of this World" projects!! Happy knitting and I will see you back here next Friday.


P.S. there is a Camp Happy Times chatter thread over in Ravelry that can be found here: Halos for Hope Ravelry Group

and if you would like to read information about the Halos for Hope foundation or the Camp Happy Times theme for this year you can do so here: http: Halos for Hope

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